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What to Use Instead of a Rolling Pin?

What to Use Instead of a Rolling Pin?

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Rolling pins can be used to flatten and shape dough for bread, pastries, cookies, and other baked goods. While these tools are not typically expensive, there may be times when you find yourself without one in the kitchen. In cases like this, you’ll need a practical alternative. In this guide, we’ll dive into some great rolling pin substitutes you can use.


1) Wine Bottle

Wine bottles have a smooth, cylindrical shape which makes them great makeshift rolling pins. Choose a bottle with straight sides and remove any labels to avoid leaving any imprints. Before using the bottle, clean the exterior with dish soap and a scrubber, then dry it thoroughly. To prevent sticking, wrap the bottle in plastic wrap or a clean kitchen towel. Apply even pressure while rolling. This tool is perfect for rolling out all types of dough.


2) Tortilla Press

A tortilla press is traditionally used to make tortillas by flattening balls of dough into perfect, even circles. It also makes a great rolling pin alternative. To get started, place your dough between two sheets of parchment paper or plastic to keep it from sticking to the metal surfaces. Then, just press down on the handle.


3) Dowel or Wooden Rod

While this tool is usually found in hardware stores, it can be used as a rolling pin alternative due to the similarity in the shape. Choose a dowel that’s smooth and has a diameter comfortable for your grip. Before you start, make sure it’s clean. Lightly dust it with flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Just like a traditional rolling pin, roll the dowel over your dough. Apply steady pressure to flatten it to your desired thickness.


4) Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Here’s another great alternative. Choose a tightly sealed bottle filled with water. Make sure the surface of the bottle is smooth and clean before you begin. You can also chill the water bottle in the refrigerator beforehand. This is especially helpful when working with doughs that need to stay cold, like pastry dough, as it prevents the butter from melting too quickly. Roll the bottle over your dough using steady pressure.


5) PVC Pipe

A PVC pipe is a creative rolling pin substitute. Choose a clean piece with a smooth surface and a diameter of 2 to 3 inches. Before rolling your dough, wash the pipe thoroughly and sanitize it. You can also wrap the pipe in parchment paper or a clean kitchen towel to prevent sticking. Cover the rolling surface with white flour. Once it’s ready, use the pipe just like a regular rolling pin. This method is great for rolling out pizza dough.


6) A Cardboard Tube

Rolling dough with this tool is easy. You can either use the inside of a toilet paper roll or a wrapping paper roll. First, make sure the tube is intact and sturdy enough to handle the pressure of rolling. Cover the tube with plastic wrap or a clean sheet of parchment paper. Press gently and evenly as you roll out your dough.


7) A Tall Glass

Choose a glass with smooth sides and a sturdy base so that it can handle the pressure without breaking. Before you begin, chill it in the refrigerator. To prevent sticking, you can wrap the glass in a layer of plastic wrap. Then, use the glass to gently roll dough by applying steady, even pressure.


8) Soda Can

A soda can is another handy replacement for a rolling pin when you need to flatten the dough and don’t have anything else available. To start, make sure the soda can is full and sealed. Clean the exterior. As you roll, apply light, even pressure to avoid denting the can. This method is great smaller doughs, as the can’s surface area is limited.




You have several rolling pin alternatives you can use for flattening dough, from common household items like wine bottles and drinking glasses to specific tools like dowels and mason jars. If you’re looking to perfect your baking, you can check out MisterChef Rolling Pin. With its smooth finish and rounded flat surface, you can effortlessly roll out uniform dough every time. Shop with us today. 

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