MisterChef Multi-Function Cooker

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Electric Frying Pan Cooker with Tempered Glass – 30cm – Energy Saver 1500W – Cool-Touch Handles – Free Colored Recipe Book Enclosed – 2 Year Warranty

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Cooks Professional Multi-Cooker

This large and versatile multi-cooker is great for creating a huge range of delicious meals. Suitable for frying, stewing, poaching, stir-frying and boiling, this multi-cooker really is the essential kitchen tool. The multicooker has a non-stick surface, meaning that very little cooking oil is needed with each use, it is like an electric non-stick frying pan.

The temperature control dial couldn’t be easier to use, and the transparent lid is there to help you keep an eye on the cooking process. Includes carry handles, non-slip feet and a thermostat with heat settings.

Highly versatile, the light-duty electric multi-cooker allows you to easily and quickly fry, bake, stew and boil a huge variety of food. Whether you’re making a traditional Bolognese sauce or delicious chicken fajitas for your guests, the multicooker can do it all with the minimum of fuss. Superbly easy to use – simply attach the cord, set the power using the dial control, add the food and replace the lid. Once you’ve finished, the multipan is effortless to clean and stores away easily due to its compact size.


30cm multi-cooker:

  • Dimensions: Dia; 33
  • Power cord length: 1m
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Keeps the heat steady- this non-stick electric skillet has a master temperature controller that holds the set temperature steady automatically on its own. Simply set the heat to your desired setting! Once it reaches that temperature, it will maintain that heat on. It has a “keep warm” setting, too!
  • Durable- MisterChef’s electric skillet is made of high-grade aluminium body-a material that heats up faster than steel and conducts heat for better cooking experience. It will not warp or break even at extremely high temperatures.
  • Energy saver- this non-stick electric skillet runs on 1500W. compared with range burners or ovens, this one heats up in a matter of minutes, helping you save more on your electricity bills.
  • Classy and multifunctional- its stylish Granite finish, sleek glass lid, and stay-cool handles allow the frying pan to double as an elegant buffet server or pizza maker. Simply turn the temperature control knob to “thermostat” to keep the food warm!
  • Buy with peace of mind with our 2-year free warranty, Free Colour Recipe Book to get you started.


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