MisterChef Griddle Non-Stick Teppanyaki Grill

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Large Table-top Breakfast Cooking Plate – 5x32cm Easy Clean & Fat Drip Tray – Adjustable Temperature – Indoor Portable BBQ Barbecue with Adjustable Temperature Control and 8 Spatulas – 1800W – Adjustable Temperature Control- FREE RECIPE BOOK ENCLOSED

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What is Teppanyaki Cooking?

This is a style of cooking developed in Japan that uses a hot iron griddle to cook the food. Meat, fish, vegetables, pancakes and many other delicious courses can be cooked on the hot plate. It’s a bit like a mix of an indoor barbecue and skillet frying.

It’s quite a healthy way to cook as, thanks to non-stick plates, you only need to add a little oil, and any excess oil released while the food is cooking can be drained away into the removable drip tray.

If you’re having a get-together with friends and family, or just want to introduce a change to your normal meal times, Teppanyaki cooking is a great way to get everyone involved. The table top Teppanyaki Grills you use at home simply need to be plugged into the mains. Everyone can then gather around the grill plate and cook their own starters, mains and even desserts.

A World of Delicious Recipes

With a Teppanyaki Hot Plate at home you can make all the classic dishes like Teppanyaki Chicken, Salmon, Beef, Vegetables and Fried Rice. You can use your tabletop grill to cook a full breakfast, lunchtime burgers, fish for supper time, pancakes and welsh cakes – you can even use it to make Teppanyaki Popcorn! With an adjustable thermostat and 6 heat settings you have full control over what you cook and how.

This comes with a free Colour Recipe Book Enclosed!

Cleaning your hot plate is easy. Because you only have to add a little oil to start the cooking processes, and excess oil is drained into the drip tray, you just have to wipe the grill down with a damp cloth that has been in warm soapy water. Finish with a wipe down using clean water then make sure your Teppanyaki machine is completely dry before storing it away.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Maintain full control over the heat of your Teppanyaki hot plate with the adjustable temperature control dial that lets you sel

FOR DINNER PARTIES: Ever held a dinner party and realized you spent most of your time cooking in the kitchen instead of entertaining your guests? With the MisterChef griddle you can revolutionize the way you entertain in by making a simple but ingenious change: cook in front of your guests! With this grill, you can prepare your ingredients before your guests arrive, lay them out ready and then cook when everyone is seated at the table. Then impress them all by cooking and serving straight away.
HEALTHY AND TASTY: The non-stick surface of the plate allows you to cook food without any oil. It also has a juice drip tray which allows any natural excess oils and juices to drain away during cooking, ensuring the food is cooked in a healthier way while at the same time maintaining its natural flavour and nutrients. Similar to a BBQ, but without all of the messy charcoal, using a grill pan will sear meats and vegetables in a similar way but will cook even faster and can be used indoors too.
COOK BBQ’S INDOORS: The grill is lightweight, portable and able to be used anywhere there is electricity. Use at home in the kitchen, in a sheltered space in the garden or take on holiday to cook amazing self-catered meals. This grill gives an even high heat output which enables you to use the entire plate surface to fully utilise the counter or table space you have. Even with the smallest kitchen you can still cook a tasty meal and cater for a large group.
EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Super easy to use, simply position this grill on a flat even surface like a kitchen counter or dining table, plug in and adjust the thermostat dial to the temperature you need to get the pan heating up. This grill is very easy to clean after use. A trick used amongst Japanese chefs is to clean the grill with ice while it is still warm. The ice will lift the oily residue off of the plate, enabling you to easily scrape it into the drip tray using a spatula.
2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Shop in confidence. The MisterChef Teppanyaki Table Grill is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, comes with a User Manual with a Free MisterChef unique colour Recipe Book to get you started with your MisterChef Teppanyaki Grill


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