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Can an Air Fryer Replace an Oven?

Can an Air Fryer Replace an Oven?

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For generations, the traditional oven has been the go-to appliance for baking, roasting, broiling, and more. However, in recent times, there has been a growing buzz surrounding the air fryer, leaving many of us wondering whether it can truly replace our beloved oven or if there are still irreplaceable functions that only the oven can perform. Scroll down below to find out.

What is an Air Fryer?

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An air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance designed to replicate the crispiness of deep frying while using significantly less oil or even none at all. It achieves this by circulating hot air around the food using a built-in fan – similar to a fan oven or mini convection oven.

Below are the pros and cons of using this appliance:

Pros of Using an Air Fryer

  • Healthier Cooking: One of the primary advantages of using an air fryer is that it requires very little oil—usually about half a teaspoon to a maximum of three teaspoons. This means less fat in your dishes, making it a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying.
  • Faster Cooking: Air fryers typically work faster than a conventional oven. This is because the circulating hot air cooks and preheats the food in a matter of minutes, which can save you valuable time in the kitchen.
  • Versatile Uses: While air fryers are excellent at making crispy fries, and other fried snacks, they can also bake, roast, grill, and even cook pre-prepped frozen food. This versatility can make them a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Cons of Using an Air Fryer

  • Limited Capacity: Air fryers are generally smaller than ovens, so if you’re cooking for a large group or making sizable meals, they may not be the best choice.
  • Involves a Learning Curve: Using an air fryer effectively may require some trial and error. Cooking times and temperatures can vary between brands and models, so it may require some practice to achieve perfect results.
  • Texture Differences: While air fryers produce crispy results, they may not replicate the exact texture of deep-fried food. Some air fryer-cooked dishes may have a slightly different mouthfeel.

What is an Oven?

An oven is a kitchen appliance that uses either a heating element or a gas flame to produce dry, indirect heat for cooking a wide range of foods. They are known for their versatility and can handle tasks such as baking, roasting, broiling, and more. They come in various types, including conventional ovens, convection ovens, electric ovens, and microwave ovens.

Below are the pros and cons of using this appliance:

Pros of Using an Oven:

  • Consistent Cooking: Ovens ensure consistent and even cooking, which is essential for many recipes. They maintain a stable temperature throughout the cooking process, helping you achieve precise results.
  • Larger Capacity: Ovens come in various sizes, including larger ones that can accommodate multiple dishes simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial when cooking for a large group or preparing complex meals.
  • Texture and Flavor: Ovens excel at creating textures and flavors that are hard to replicate with other cooking methods. Think of the golden crust on a freshly baked loaf of bread or the caramelization on a roasted chicken.

Cons of Using an Oven:

  • Limited Energy Efficiency: Ovens typically consume more energy and require more time to preheat compared to smaller appliances like air fryers. This means higher utility bills and longer cooking times.
  • Lack of Portability: Unlike air fryers, ovens are fixed appliances, meaning you can’t take them with you when you travel or move to a new location.
  • Size and Space: Ovens can be bulky and take up a significant amount of space in your kitchen, which may not be ideal for those with limited kitchen space.

Can an Air Fryer Replace an Oven?

Whether an air fryer can replace an oven depends on what you like to cook and how many people you’re cooking for. If you mostly fry, reheat, or cook for a small group, an air fryer can be a great kitchen tool and might even take the place of your oven for everyday cooking. But if you regularly bake, roast, or cook for a crowd, a regular conventional or electric oven is essential.


While air fryers have their benefits, they can’t entirely replace ovens due to their versatility and larger cooking capacity. However, if you’re someone who wants to whip up quick and crispy dishes with less oil, an air fryer can be a handy addition to your kitchen. If you’re looking for a top-notch air frying experience that tackles frozen food, soups, and sausage rolls perfectly, check out Misterchef – your go-to choice for delicious, healthier meals with less fuss. Shop with us today.

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