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20+ Basic Kitchen Tools and Equipment Every Cook Needs: Your 2023 Checklist

20+ Basic Kitchen Tools and Equipment Every Cook Needs: Your 2023 Checklist

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20+ Basic Kitchen Tools and Equipment Every Cook Needs: Your 2023 Checklist

Have you ever felt a bit lost in the maze of kitchen gadgets at the store or overwhelmed by the never-ending online options? You’re not alone! Navigating the world of kitchen tools, especially when you’re just starting out, can feel like a culinary adventure in itself. But fear not, we’re here to help!

In this blog, we’ve put together a handy list of essential kitchen items you won’t want to miss out in 2023. Let’s dive right in!

Basic Manual Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Creating the perfect meal is not just about the ingredients but also the tools and utensils used in the process. Here’s a list of the most basic tools you need to whip up a delicious masterpiece:

1) Set of Knives

Every kitchen should have a set of high-quality knives. You will need different types of knives for various cooking tasks. For instance, a chef’s knife for chopping, slicing, and dicing, a paring knife for delicate jobs like peeling, and a serrated knife for slicing through bread without crushing it. 

Be sure to choose knives that are safe, easy to handle, and provide a comfortable grip. Additionally, don’t forget to invest in a knife sharpener to keep your knives in tip-top condition.

2) Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are essential tools in any kitchen, providing a stable and flat surface for safe and efficient cutting. To prevent cross-contamination, it’s a good idea to have multiple boards on hand—one for fresh produce and another for raw meats.

When choosing your chopping boards, look for ones that are durable, easy to clean, and gentle on your knives. It’s also a good idea to opt for boards with a non-slip grip so you won’t have to deal with them sliding around while you’re busy cutting.

3) Oven Gloves

Next up on the list, we have oven gloves, which are essential for shielding your hands from the scorching heat of pots, pans, and ovens. When choosing oven gloves for your kitchen, prioritize ones that can handle high temperatures and offer a comfortable, secure grip to avoid any accidental slips or spills.

4) Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls play a crucial role in the kitchen by bringing ingredients together. It’s smart to have a variety of bowls in different sizes to handle a range of tasks, whether it’s whisking eggs, tossing salads, or marinating meats. When selecting your bowls, opt for materials like stainless steel or glass that are durable and easy to clean.

5) Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring spoons and cups are a must-have for ensuring accuracy in your ingredient quantities. To make your life easier, opt for sets that are sturdy, simple to read, and easy to clean. It’s even better if they come with both metric and imperial measurements, so you can follow any recipe with confidence.

6) Non-Stick Frying Pan

Non-stick frying pans are great for hassle-free cooking and cleaning. They require less oil, making your meals healthier, and their smooth surface ensures that food slides off easily. They are particularly ideal for delicate items like eggs and fish. When shopping for non-stick pans, keep an eye out for those with a ceramic coating to ensure there are no harmful chemicals involved.

7) Saucepans

A saucepan is your go-to when you’re working with liquids, whether you’re making sauces, boiling eggs, or cooking grains. While having a range of sizes is fantastic, if you’re new to cooking, a 4-quart saucepan is a good starting point. Also, ensure it comes with a handle that stays cool during cooking to keep your hands safe.

8) Whisk

A whisk is a must-have tool for adding air to ingredients, blending sauces, and creating smooth mixtures. When picking out a whisk, go for one that feels comfortable in your hand and is sturdy enough to handle thick batters or sauces.

9) Tongs

Tongs are like your kitchen’s helping hand, giving you a secure and sturdy grip when you’re turning, flipping, or serving food. Look for tongs with heat-resistant handles and a locking feature for convenient storage. Plus, make sure they’re long enough to keep your hands safely away from heat sources.

10) Graters and Peelers

Graters and peelers play a crucial role in food prep, simplifying tasks like grating cheese and peeling veggies. It’s essential to pick ones that are sharp, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean. Since you’ll rely on them for practically every recipe, be sure to make a wise choice.

11) Colanders and Strainers

Colanders and strainers are specially designed to separate liquids from solids, ensuring your ingredients are properly washed, drained, and cooked to perfection. They are particularly useful when it comes to draining pasta, rinsing veggies, or straining stock. When selecting one, opt for stainless steel options to ensure it can handle hot items with ease.

12) Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is a must-have for extracting fresh juice from fruits like limes, lemons, and oranges. It not only maximizes juice extraction but also minimizes effort, adding a burst of freshness to your dishes. When shopping for one, keep an eye out for ergonomic designs that reduce strain on your hands.

13) Ladle

A ladle is more than just a big spoon; it’s a precision tool essential for a variety of tasks in the kitchen. They are especially beneficial when it comes to serving soups and stews, effortlessly scooping out generous portions. When choosing a ladle, look for one with a deep bowl and a long, sturdy handle to give you optimal control.

14) Silicone, Metal, and Wooden Spoons

In addition to the essential kitchen tools mentioned above, it’s wise to have a variety of spoons made from different materials to match your cookware and ingredients. Consider getting silicone spoons for non-stick pans, metal spoons for heavy-duty mixing, and wooden spoons for all-purpose tasks.

15) Storage Bowls

Storage bowls are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They’re not just for storing leftovers; they can also be used for marinating and mixing. To maximize your kitchen’s space and keep your food fresh, choose stackable bowls with secure lids. And don’t forget to check if they’re microwave-safe so that you can easily heat up food without the need for extra transfers.

16) Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a kitchen must-have for creating delicious meals. It’s your go-to for slow cooking, braising, and baking. Made from cast iron, it ensures even heat distribution and locks in moisture. For added convenience, opt for one with an enamel coating for easy cleaning.

17) Silicone Spatula

Next up, we have the silicone spatula. These tools are essential for flipping delicate foods, scraping bowls clean, and evenly leveling ingredients when baking. When on the hunt for the perfect spatula, make sure it’s crafted from silicone, not rubber, to prevent any unwanted melting under high heat.

18) Sheet Pan

Finally, the sheet pan, also known as a baking sheet, is a handy kitchen tool with a flat surface and raised edges. It’s your go-to for baking cookies, pastries, and sheet cakes, as well as roasting vegetables and whipping up one-pan meals. When selecting one, go for a sturdy, warp-resistant option in a size that fits your needs. Half-sheet or quarter-sheet pans are perfect for home kitchens, while full-sheet pans are better suited for commercial kitchen spaces.

Essential Kitchen Appliances for a Smooth Cooking Experience

In addition to basic manual tools, you should also consider kitchen appliances that can significantly boost your cooking efficiency. Here’s a list of essential kitchen appliances:

1) Blender

Smart Blenders

A blender is a must-have kitchen appliance for a busy kitchen, as it simplifies tasks like making smoothies, puréeing soups, and even blending sauces To get the most out of it, choose a powerful blender capable of handling a wide range of ingredients, including tough and fibrous fruits and vegetables. A great option to consider is the MisterChef Professional Blender.

2) Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale allows you to measure ingredients with precision, ensuring consistency and perfection in your dishes. When shopping for a scale, look for one that is easy to clean, has a clear display, and can switch between measurement units like grams and ounces. If you’re looking for an option like this, check out the MisterChef Digital Kitchen Scale.

3) Kitchen Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer is vital for checking the internal temperatures of meats and other dishes, ensuring they are cooked perfectly and safely. When picking one, opt for a digital option for swift and precise readings. Make sure it has a wide temperature range and a clear display for easy reading.

4) Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a baker’s best friend but its utility goes beyond just baking. With various attachments available, it is a multi-functional appliance capable of rolling pasta, grinding meat, and more. When buying one, opt for a sturdy build, variable speed settings, and a capacity that suits your needs. An excellent option to consider is the MisterChef PRO Food Stand Mixer.

5) Electric Oven

An electric oven is an essential appliance for baking, roasting, and broiling. Modern models come with a range of features, including convection settings for even cooking and digital displays for precise temperature control. When choosing one, look for a spacious, easy-to-clean, and energy-efficient option like the MisterChef Electric Oven.


With these essential kitchen tools and equipment, you’ll be ready to take on a variety of cooking tasks and recipes. Remember, cooking is not about having the fanciest gadgets; it’s about mastering the basics. So, start with these essentials, and as you gain confidence and experience in the kitchen, you can add more specialized tools to your collection.

If you’re ready to level up your cooking, check out MisterChef’s range of professional kitchen equipment. Whether it’s an electric oven, a stand mixer, or even a rolling pin, we’ve got you covered. Shop with us today.

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